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Viking-Hits.com Frequently Asked Questions

What is a manual traffic exchange?

A trafffic exchange is a great way for website owners, small business owners, and opportunity seekers to generate traffic to their websites. Other members of Viking-Hits will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.

How do I get my website shown?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members. You will earn traffic credit for every site/or second site you view depending on your membership level. Your site will receive one hit for each traffic credit that you assign to your site.

Can I sign up for more than one membership?

>Unless you received prior permission from Viking-Hits, you may only register for one Viking-Hits account. Anyone that sets up more then one account with out prior approval, BOTH Account will be Deleted.

Can anyone join Viking-Hits?

Yes, anyone can join. The only requirement is that you agree to the terms of service.

Can I advertise any web page?

Very simple, no Pyramids or Ponzi scheme sites, no matrix sites or "get rich quick" schemes, no PTC, no framebreakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no problem!

Viking-Hits discourages the use of rotators. However some rotators are allowed and we strongly suggested utilizing the one we provide you with at no cost within the membership area. A member is totally responsible for the content of the URLs promoted in the rotator. We certainly do not tolerate when someone promotes a rotator within a rotator, any rotator found to violate the Terms of Service will be deleted and the member will lose all credits assigned to that rotator. The member also risks losing his or her account.

If your sites do not follow the rule, not only will your websites be removed, your account may be suspended. Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them! Pop Ups are Allowed, but should be limited to one pop-up and/or exit ad.

How come I can't delete a website in my site list?

Make sure you have ZERO % assigned to any URL you are trying to remove from your account. This will allow you to edit and replace any site you wish.

Please note that you will need to make sure that the other sites total your auto-assign mimimun (usually 75%) when you make this change.

I lost my user name and password how can I get that information again?

Go to the Login page and under the Members Login Form click on the Lost Password link. Then enter your Email Address and click Submit. Your information will be Emailed to you.

Are there other ways of getting hits to my sites besides surfing?

Yes. You can either buy advertising packages, exchange them for banner/text link impressions.

What is auto-assigning?

Auto assigning means simply that the credits that you have earned by surfing and from your referrals are automatically applied to the url(s) that you have listed.

Can my website have adult content?

No. Adult content (or links to adult or illegal sites) are NOT allowed. This also pertains to your popup. Having this kind of content will cause your account to be removed. For more details, check the Viking-Hits Terms and Conditions.

What is the 'Report Site' link?

This link is in place to help us keep Viking-Hits as one of the best exchanges online. You use this link to report any websites (you see while surfing) that might violate our Terms and Conditions or notify us if a site is having problems. After we receive an email, we can then notify the site owner.

How do I promote Viking-Hits?

Banners, splash pages small text ads and an email ads, twetting are available in the members area on our promotion page. Just click on the "Promote" link in the members area.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your personal referral link on the "Affiliate" page in your members area.

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